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When you choose Simply Irresistible Sweets, you get stunning custom cakes at affordable prices!

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You can easily bake a cake yourself, but we know that you are looking for something more special. Custom cakes are a fantastic way to turn any party into an event! At Simply Irresistible Sweets of Tulsa, OK, we have been creating custom cakes for years.

We have 36 flavors of cake batter to choose from, and we can create custom cakes in any shape you can dream of. When you begin the process of designing your cake, here are a few considerations to make:

• Servings – How many people will be eating your cake? When you can tell us how many people you will be serving, we can suggest the right size cake for your party.

• Shape – What shape do you have pictured in your mind? You may be picturing a rectangular cake or a round one. You may be thinking of a combination of shapes. Let us know what you have in mind!

• Height – There’s no doubt that tall cakes are striking and impressive. Multi-tiered cakes are our specialty. Whether you want it frosted, decorated, or covered in fondant, we can create an amazing custom cake for you.

• Color – Cakes have come a long way! We can create a cake in any color palette that you desire. Whether you want your cake to match your decor or complement it, we can create amazing colors. Bring us swatches if you have them to help with the design process.

• Design – Maybe you want a cake in the shape of a hat. Perhaps you are thinking of a football theme. Tell us what kind of design strikes you. We can create a custom design that turns your cake into the centerpiece of your celebration!

If you need multiple custom cakes or just one, we invite you to come see us today! The team at Simply Irresistible Sweets of Tulsa, OK is looking forward to working with you!

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